About us

SSP is a small and agile strategy consulting company, supporting our mainly medium-sized client organizations in all strategically important challenges they face. For over 10 years now, we have been supporting our clients in deriving important management decisions as well as in the respective implementation. Our approach does not end with deriving decisions. We go with our clients till the finish line and beyond: our involvement reaches from project lead to the set-up and conduct of complex Program Offices.

Our focus are small to medium-sized companies in the manufacturing industries. We work directly with the management or support shareholders in defining the core strategies for their business or efficiency improvement programs. We work closely with our clients’ organization and involve teams on the client site from day one. Therefore we normally work with small consulting teams on-site.

We create value for but foremost with our clients in leveraging the existing know-how and expertise. Our approach provides for organizational learning and secures the support within the organization for jointly derived goals and decisions. Compared to conventional strategy consulting firms, our unique approach is also economically beneficial for our clients.

support in mergers & acquisitions

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corporate and business unit strategies

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organizational redesign

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deriving efficiency improvement programs

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Our services

Our services include support in mergers & acquisitions including post merger integration. Furthermore corporate and business unit strategies, organizational redesign and search of new investors (incl. IPO/equity story). We support in deriving efficiency improvement programs and their implementation (Project management and Program office).

Our management consulting services are tailored to our clients’ perspective and their unique reality. We can focus on either punctual support or coaching in critical areas or manage specific projects. We also deliver an all-aspects including consulting and implementation service.

Our clients are as focused on success as we are. Therefore we are happy to discuss variable consulting fees or shares as reward for a successful project completion.

Successful Projects

Following some examples of successful services for our clients:

Global Automotive supplier – definition of comprehensive efficiency improvement program, adjacent market entry strategy and implementation support (Program Office)

International Tools manufacturer – Definition of corporate and business unit strategies, derivation of detailed strategic projects and establishment of a Program Office for implementation

International market leader for industrial components – Efficiency improvement program in production and logistics

Innovative Metal Processing Company – Go-to-Market strategy for diversification into consumer goods

Global Automotive supplier – Development of full potential program and definition of equity story in preparation for IPO

International Tools manufacturer – Definition of growth strategy with focus on acquisitions: selection of target companies, approach, due diligence and conduct of negotiations

Premium Automotive supplier – 100-days restructuring program and support in implementation (Program Office)

International Automotive supplier – Optimization of organizational structure and processes in Marketing, Sales and R&D


SSP Advisory GmbH
Minzestr. 26
D-84036 Kumhausen

Dr. Benedikt Schwall
Managing Director

+49 172 8820 507